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Relay Interface Modules

Finders 38 & 39 Series are high density 6.2 mm wide relay systems, with integral jumper bars which save wiring time by providing common power bus for coil voltage. Built in surge suppression and optional fuse protection modules on the output of the relays protects from short circuit or overload conditions.

The 39 Series MasterINTERFACE features a blown fuse indicator on the replaceable output fuse.

New multi-voltage versions of Finder's relay interface modules are now available in the MasterPLUS series, available with screw terminals and push-in terminals.

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Forcibly Guided Contacts Relays

A unique new relay module from Finder, the 7S Series features up to 6 safety rated, force guided contacts in only 22.5 mm of space.

These relay modules are SIL 2 rated IEC 61508, and use push-in terminations for easy wiring.

The 7S Series has 6 amp contact ratings and multiple coil voltages from 24 AC/DC to 230 AC.

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Finder Forcibly Guided Contact Relays

Industrial Relays

Finder offers a broad range of industrial control relays.

55 & 56 Series relays feature AC/DC coils, lockable test button, mechanical flag and LED indicators, power range up to 12 amps.

Power relays up to 30 amps, solar relays up to 50 amps.

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Finder Industrial Relays


Finder offers an extensive line of timers with mono-function, bi-function, multi-function, multi-voltage and digital timers.

39 Series slim timer module features time ranges of .1s to 6h and 8 control functions. 

Series 80 multi-function and multi-voltage timer modules provide seven functions and time ranges from .1s to 24h.

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Finder Timers

Industrial Thermoregulation

7T Series panel thermostats and thermo-hygrostat are compact at 17.5mm wide and available in heating and cooling style.

Finder also offers series 7F Series filter fans for electrical cabinets and enclosures as well as 7H Series panel heaters to prevent condensation while maintaining temperature.


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