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Ground Lugs

Multi conductor ground lug for equipment grounding applications in control panels and systems.

Its compact design saves panel space compared to traditional “in-line” ground strip designs.

Available in multi-pole and multi-wire, stocked in our Harrisburg, PA warehouse.

Marathon Ground Lugs
Tech Sheet

Military Class Terminal Blocks

Marathon supplies Kulka brand Mil Spec. barrier strips in both type A-A-59125 and MIL-T-55164.

As well as new 885 Heavy Duty series high current compact multi-pole terminal blocks rated at 85 amps for multiple conductors.

885 Heavy Duty terminals blocks carry UL and cUL recognition, and are pre-marked with pole position eliminating need for marker tags.

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Marathon Miltary Class Terminal Blocks

Fuse Holders

Marathon provides many NEMA/Barrier style fuse holders with different terminal options for the majority of North American Fuses and several enclosed (European/IEC) styles.

Marathons Fused Disconnect Switch incorporates the switch functionality of a circuit breaker with the high protection level of a fuse, ideal for CC fusing.

The uniquely designed Photovoltaic Fuse Holder PV10BW series features terminals which accept standard stock bus bar - eliminating the need for custom fabricated comb bus bar.

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PULS DC/DC Converters

UL Listed Enclosed Power Blocks

Marathons UL Listed power distribution blocks include a 600v, 760 amp, SCCR rated 100,000 amp. 

Modular construction allows for single or multi-pole configurations.

Power Blocks are flexible stranded wire compliant.


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Marathon Power Blocks