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Unitronics VFDs

New VFDs - Unitronics’ VFDs seamlessly integrate with their UniStream, Vision, and Samba PLC + HMI All-in-One controllers. Pairing Unitronics VFDs with Unitronics controllers offers a faster, easier alternative to other VFDs on the market: all tasks can be programmed using the same software environment as the PLC and HMI applications. Users can rapidly set up, configure and commission multiple VFDs as well as use Remote Access to monitor the VFD via the software, web server, or even a VNC connection.

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Unitronics PLC + HMI All-In-OnePLC + HMI All In One - Unitronics offers a complete range of PLC + HMI All in Ones that include free powerful intuitive software. Unitronics has four series to provide solutions for high-end machine and automation projects to simple machines requiring low I/O and text display.

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UniStream | Vision | Samba | Jazz and M91

Unitronics PLC SoftwareUniLogic® PLC Software  UniLogic™ Studio is a free All-in-One software for hardware and communication configuration, Ladder and HMI applications that will cut your development times in half. Built-in, context-sensitive editors enable you to write Ladder or C functions, create beautiful HMI screens and interactive web pages, instantly translate them from Italian to Chinese, easily track data and display it live via Trends and gauges or export it to Excel, raise multi-level Alarms and send notification via SMS or email, run Recipes, and implement a broad range of industrial communication protocols

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Unitronics UniStream PLC + HMI All In One
UniStream Series

Unitronics Vision PLC + HMI All In One
Vision Series

Unitronics Samba PLC + HMI All In One
Samba Series

Unitronics Jazz PLC + HMI All In One
Jazz and M91 Series

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