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Industrial Ethernet Secure Cloud Service

NEW: Industrial Ethernet Secure Could Service - Remote maintenance of machines and plants is often very complex and time-consuming, with demand for targeted and safeguarded functional connection to the associated IT systems. These two issues make the connection of plants around the world a major obstacle. Weidmüller’s Industrial Ethernet Router coupled with Weidmüllers U-link Cloud Service ensure that different networks interoperate in unison and with top-level security.

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Weidmüller Terminal Blocks

Terminal Blocks - Weidmüller W series sets the standard for screw clamp connection technology, from 28 AWG to 500 MCM for all common electrical functions, Z series tension clamp blocks provide easy to use “screwless” terminations, P series push-in terminals are fast, reliable, and no tool is needed.

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W-Series: Catalog | eCatalog Z-Series: Catalog | eCatalog
Catalog | eCatalog
Technical Sheet

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Weidmüller Signal Conditioner

Signal Conditioning - Weidmüller offers a broad range of converters to convert, isolate, and monitor both discreet and analog signals.  From industry standard 4-20/0-10 signals to micro-volt, temperature, and current monitoring, Weidmüller has a highly accurate and reliable solution for your signal conditioning needs.

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Catalog | ACT20M

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Weidmüller Relay

Relay and Optocouplers - Weidmüller Termseries relays, offer a high density (6mm wide) relay system with integral jumpers that reduce wiring time dramatically. The product family also incorporates solid-state relays with up to 2 amp switching capacity.

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Selection Guide
Relay Catalog | Opto Catalog | Power Solid-State Relays

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Weidmüller Power Supply

Power Supplies - Weidmüller ProMax and ProEco Power supplies offer high efficiencies in a compact size, as well as a broad operating temperature range.   For special applications the Pro-H offers a MTBF of 1,800,000 hours, and is approved for ATEX and Class One explosive risk zones.

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Catalog | Selection Guide | Uninterruptible Power Supplies | PRO-M
DC/DC Converter
| PROmax | PROeco

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Weidmüller Tools

Tools - Weidmüller is a global provider of wire processing tools used in industry. Robust yet lightweight hand tools provide quality results with maximum efficiency.  For cutting, stripping and crimping wire, Weidmüller has a solution for your application.

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Ferrules | Catalog | Overview

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Weidmüller Industrial Ethernet

Industrial Ethernet - Weidmüller is a complete provider of industrial network infrastructure for machine and equipment manufactures. They offer a wide range of switch products including Gigabit Switches (unmanaged and managed), media converters, Power-over-Ethernet switches, WLAN modules and serial/Ethernet converters to meet the highest requirements and provide reliable and flexible Ethernet communication.

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Catalog | Secure Routers | WLAN

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Weidmüller PCB Terminals and Connectors

NEW: PCB Terminals and Connectors - Weidmüller offers appropriate connection technology to meet exact requirements. Choose products from a product range that includes extremely compact PCB terminals and connectors, which, thanks to intelligent locking concepts and high-performance connection technologies, provides your design-in process with a wide range of application-specific solutions and does not set any limits on your creativity. THR and SMD components ensure the highest productivity levels during the reflow soldering process.

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