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Perforex BC Machines: Automated Machining for Enclosures

For fully automated, fast, precise and reliable machining (drilling, thread-tapping, milling, engraving or deburring) of mounting plates, doors, roof plates, side panels, gland plates or complete non-dismantlable enclosures.

With any Perforex series product, all materials commonly used in
panel building such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and
plastic may be machined very cost-effectively, with significantly enhanced precision.

Investing in a Peforex machining centre pays off from quantities
of just 100 enclosures a year (approx). Even companies with 4 employees in enclosure manufacturing can achieve significant
potential savings. With an average machining time of 15-20
minutes per part, a Perforex is also designed for significantly
higher capacities. Programming is faster than drawing. For this
reason, it pays to use the machine even with a batch size of one.

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