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U-Remote I/O

The new U-Remote from Weidmüller reliably connects sensors and actuators with the control unit, using your fieldbus system of choice. The U-Remote allows you to reduce the size of your control cabinets.
Some key features and benefits of the U-Remote:

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U Remote connections

NEW: Energy consumption measurement and monitoring module
The new u-remote energy measurement module is used to record and process data from single- or three-phase AC consumers up to a rated voltage of 300 Veff AC (L-N). Reactive, apparent and active power, energy consumption, phase angle and many more electrical characteristics can be measured or calculated directly with the module and transferred to higher-level controllers or control systems via the process data. The power measurement module can easily be integrated into existing automation solutions using u-remote. Even without any process interruption using split-core current transformers or Rogowski Coils which are placed around the existing conductors or current bars.
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U Remote connections

NEW: Safe Power-Feed module
New Safe Power-Feed Modules switch off power to all modules that are within a safety segment, eliminating the need for a safety controller. These modules meet stringent machine safety standards that include SIL 3 CL and Category 4 PL e, and can help increase efficiency and reduce wiring costs in applications by eliminating costly home run wiring while providing immediate feedback on the status of the safety circuit.

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U Remote connections

Serial to Fieldbus communication
Communicate via serial point-to point connections. Examples of these kinds of devices include hand-held scanners or printers. Connect all your serial devices via fieldbus through only two wires.

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EtherNet/IP field bus coupler
The new u-remote fieldbus couplers now support EtherNet/IP communications protocol, providing even greater flexibility. I/O modules are designed to be fieldbus-independent; the system simply migrates from one fieldbus to another when the coupler is exchanged. An integrated web server allows the system functionality to be tested and diagnosed before controls are connected. Convenient handling makes installation a breeze. Extensive diagnostic functions help to optimize and speed up processes.

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4DI AC Input Module
The new u-remote 4DI AC input module now also permits the switching of high AC voltages, suitable for 110/230 V AC signals at 50/60 Hz Since each individual channel is reliably and galvanically isolated, up to four different voltages can be read in on one I/O module. The most space-saving remote I/O solution available on the market can now be used for 110/230 V AC inputs, too – and is open to common fieldbus systems at the same time.

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Weidmüller U-Remote Remote I/O

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